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SEO Web Design ensures that your website is set up for long term success by incorporating SEO into the design and development of your website at the early stages of a project.

What is SEO Web Design?

Site architecture, URL structure & landing pages can be difficult to change once a site is live. Ensure your website is set up for long term success by integrating it with SEO at the forefront.

SEO Web Design is the design and development of a website optimised for search engines. SEO Web Design considers the core principles of SEO such as keyword research, at the beginning of a website development.

Core SEO Web Design Principles

Site Structure & Navigation

Creating a logical page hierarchy is important for both users and search engines. Optimising site structure and navigation ensures each page is crawled and indexed effectively.

Keyword Research

Implementing keyword research in the early stages of web design ensures that a page will meet a user’s search intent. It will also help with future SEO endeavours.

Content Strategy

Populating a web design with SEO focused content will draw in relevant traffic to a site. Content strategy uses keyword research to create SEO optimised landing pages.

On Page Elements

Adding SEO optimised on-page elements helps to boost page value. Headings, meta data and internal links are just a fewexamples of the elements implemented in SEO web design.

UX & Site Performance

User experience and site speed are ranking factors for Google. That’s why they are considered important for SEO web design.

Mobile Friendly

It’s important for the design of a website to be consistent across devices. A mobile friendly web design is also considered a ranking factor by Google.

SEO Web Design Process

Kick-Off Meeting

A kick off meeting will help me to learn more about you, your aims and objectives as a business. At this stage, I’ll collate information about your services, competitors and any keywords that may be used to identify you and your products or services. This information will be used to help craft the early wireframes and strategy of your website build.

Analysis & Strategy

The analysis & strategy phase gives me the opportunity to delve deep into your businesses’ current position and competitors. This analysis allows me to spot what I think will be the best fit for your business goals and objectives. From here, I’ll create a strategy document that breaks down the elements of the strategy ready to sign off & ready to get started.

Keyword research & structure

Once the strategy document has been signed off, I’ll get started mapping out the structure of your new website. This will help me to work out which landing pages need to be created, where pages need to link to, and the hierarchy. Using this data, I’ll draft wireframes to aid in the design process and landing page creation.

On Page & Tech SEO

Once the structure of your website has been nailed – on page optimisation will be carried out. On page optimisation considers updating on-page content, title tags, internal links, and more to provide better signals for your target keywords. Technical aspects of your website will also be considered at this stage to ensure your website can be found and indexed effectively.

How does SEO improve web design?

The combination of SEO and web design will set a website up with the principles to rank. Without the addition of SEO, most new websites stand very little chance of ranking from the offset.

Costly re-designs can occur down the line if SEO is not considered in the original web design. By utilising SEO from the beginning, future design complications can be prevented. 

Web Design With SEO

Web Design With SEO  ⤴

Web Design Without SEO  ⤵

Web Design Without SEO

Why is SEO + Web Development normally separate services?

SEO is really hard. Most great developers will have surface level knowledge of SEO but they are not SEO experts. Likewise,  most SEO’s will have some experience with HTML & code but won’t be able to design & build a website.

This typically leads to two separate teams working together – the Development team & SEO team which in turn will lead a business paying more overall for the cost of two teams working together.

Why choose me?

I am an SEO at heart with 6+ years in the industry. I have first hand experience of what it takes to rank on Google and experience creating SEO strategies that deliver results. Throughout my career in SEO I have dedicated my free time to the design & development of websites and have a genuine passion for design & web development. 

I believe that SEO and Web Design should work in symbiosis from the very start of a development. Many elements of SEO rely on the design/development of a website and it makes much more sense for this to be a consideration at the beginning of the project.

SEO + Web Design is a unique level of expertise and a service I can say that I proudly provide with years of first-hand experience in each of the respective professions.

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