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Elementor can be used to create amazing, professional websites. It provides versatility and ease of use allowing you to easily, edit, maintain and add to your website upon a projects completion.

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What is Elementor?

Elementor is a visual page builder and web design tool that integrates with WordPress. It replaces the basic WordPress editor with a visual drag & drop front-end editor 

Websites using Elementor are extremely flexible and user friendly due to its visual editor. It allows users to update, maintain or add to an existing site. This negates the need for costly web maintenance contracts as it gives business owners full control of their website, without the need for any extensive code.

Why use Elementor for Web Design?

As a freelance web designer there are numerous benefits for using Elementor to develop websites. Elementor allows me to develop modern and functional websites at speed thwhich can provide clients with a high-end website and cost effective solution.

My clients love Elementor as it makes collaboration easy; due to its flexibility and front-end visuals, clients can easily make changes on the website without any coding knowledge. Elementor websites are easy to maintain which can help reduce the number of maintenance requests and lower support costs.

Elementor Web Design Process

Discovery & Planning

During this phase, I will work closely with you to understand your business goals, target audience, and design preferences. I’ll conduct comprehensive research to gather all the necessary information needed to create an effective website using Elementor. This includes analyzing your competitors, identifying key features and functionalities, and defining the overall project scope.

Wireframes & Design

Once I have a clear understanding of your requirements, I will create wireframes and design mockups which will outline the structure and layout of your website. The design mockups will showcase the visual elements such as colors, typography, and imagery. I’ll collaborate with you to refine the designs until we achieve the desired look and feel for your website.

Website Development

Once the website design has been finalized, I will start building your website using Elementor. I’ll transform the wireframes and design mockups into a fully functional website that is optimized for performance, responsiveness, and user experience. I’ll also integrate any necessary plugins or additional functionalities to enhance the functionality of your website.

Testing & Launch

Before launching your website, I will conduct rigorous testing to ensure that everything functions smoothly across different browsers, devices, and screen sizes. I’ll also perform quality assurance checks to identify and fix any bugs or issues. Once we are confident that your website is ready, we’ll assist you with the final deployment and launch.

How does Elementor work with WordPress?

Elementor works as an add-on plugin with WordPress. When installed, Elementor integrates with the WordPress dashboard, it then gives you the chance to edit pages with its visual front end editor. 

When editing a page, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping elements. The solution gives you full flexibility as a client to edit a page and simplify the content management process with a more visual page editor.

Is Elementor SEO friendly?

Elementor is a great SEO solution for a number of different reasons:

  • It generates clean and semantic HTML code which is favoured by search engines for indexing and ranking purposes.
  • When a website is developed correctly, Elementor is  lightweight which allows websites to be built for speed.
  • Elementor’s built-in image optimization tool can help reduce the size and improve the loading speed of images, which is a critical factor for SEO.
  • Elementor can integrate with popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math.
  • Elementor makes it much easier to produce a responsive website, which is a ranking factor for Google.

Why choose me?

With over 4 years of experience in designing and developing websites using Elementor and 5 years working in SEO, I bring a unique set of skills and expertise to help you achieve your online goals.

A well-designed website is not just visually appealing but also optimized for search engines. With my background in SEO, I understand the importance of incorporating SEO best practices into the web design process. From implementing proper site structure to optimizing meta data and content, I ensure that your website is search engine friendly, helping you improve your online visibility and organic rankings.

By choosing my Elementor web design services, you’ll benefit from my extensive experience, personalized approach, and dedication to delivering exceptional results. Let’s work together to create a visually stunning, high-performing website that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

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