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Elementor Web Design / Development, Content, Branding & SEO for a Freelance Artist based in Settle.
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Sarah Glover is a freelance artist & creative who produces stunning spectacles of art in a mix of styles including the unique picasso / geometric abstract art style that she has become known for.

Sarah came to me as she wanted to open the doors to the online world but didn’t know where to start. She wanted to display her art online with the prospect of attracting art shows & exhibitions. She also wanted to set up a business email address that would be used for her art communications.

Sarah Glover Art: Website Design
Sarah Glover Art: Website Design on Mobile / Apple Iphone


The main plan was to create a simplistic but modern website and agreed that for each of the main pages – Sarah’s art should be the centerpiece. The website would come accustomed with SEO optimised content with a landing page for each niche / genre of Sarah’s artwork.

The main strategy for Sarah’s website was to include:

  • Showcasing her artwork alongside a modern and simplistic website design that complemented her geometric abstract art style.
  • Setting up a ‘communications’ email address alongside contact forms that allows Sarah to keep her art leads, connections & form submissions all in one place.
  • SEO optimised landing pages that group her artwork into different genres, alongside keyword research and optimised content for each page.
  • An easy to use site setup that allows Sarah to add new pieces of artwork and change pages & content without the need for extensive development.
  • A blog page for content to be produced by Sarah or content writers with the aim of her life or content that can enhance the SEO of the main artwork categories.


I designed & developed Sarah, a fully responsive website. This came complete with an arsenal of SEO optimized content. I designed and developed the website using elementor which allows Sarah to add/change content on her own.

The new website also considered:

  • A business email address set up alongside her websites hosting, allowing her to keep her art communications in one place.
  • Contact forms that synced with Sarah’s new business email and MailChimp database – to catch and convert leads. The relationship with MailChimp allows contacts to be to stored in a centralised place, giving Sarah a database of contact details.
  • Simple yet creative design that was inspired by geometric abstraction – to mimic Sarah’s work. The site was also inspired by other freelance artists that Sarah liked.
  • A blog page and a SEO optimized content marketing plan for future content creation plans with the aim to funnel relevant traffic through the back-end and boost the topical authority for keywords related to Sarah’s genres of art.
  • Landing pages to categorise her artwork and on-page content optimised following extensive keyword research.
Sarah Glover Art: Website Design

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