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Elementor Web Design / Development, Content & Branding for a Clothing company based in Halifax.
R&D Apparel


R&D Apparel is an online clothing company that offers casual clothing & apparel. They provide fitness & casual clothing for the gym or for social occasions.

Nathan came to me from R&D Apparel as he needed a website to be able to sell his clothing online with a modern website. R&D Apparel also needed a logo to match the new website and descriptions written for all of their products.

R&D Apparel Laptop
RD Apparel Phone Mockup


Nathan at R&D Apparel wanted a corporate identity that displayed the qualities of being bold & fearless which would translate into the website and products. He also wanted strong signals to contact throughout the site, alongside being simple & easy to contact to order any clothing. He also wanted to be able to add, remove and change products on the website with ease.

The main strategy for R&D Apparel was:

  • Develop a WordPress website with a simple and easy to use backend that mimicked systems Nathan has used previously; allowing him to navigate through the backend simply.
  • Designing a modern logo that paired seamlessly with the design of the website – modeling the logo around the graphic of a honey badger.
  • Contact forms to be utilised throughout the website to be able to capture leads through Nathan’s Whatsapp.
  • Allowing users to contact Nathan via Whatsapp before purchasing on the website.


I designed R&D Apparel, a responsive website using elementor. This elementor website development enables R&D Apparel to display their products online with authentic and descriptive product content.

The new website also considered:

  • The website was set up similar to how products are set up in woocommerce; as Nathan was familiar with this system. This helped him to use the backend and edit, add or remove products with ease.
  • A simple and clean logo designed, using a honey badger as the main graphic. This graphic is also displayed across all products.
  • The users of R&D Apparel can contact via a contact form, connected directly to Nathan’s whatsapp, before purchasing.
  • A chat widget is set up to be viewable from every page on the website, allowing users to be able to contact Nathan via Whatsapp with ease and from any page on the website.
  • Built with Elementor, enabling Nathan to add or tweak elements of the site after the initial launch.
RD-Apparel Mac Mockup

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