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Finlay Green is a passionate digital marketer and a dedicated content writer specializing in SEO and web design. With a keen interest in the dynamic world of digital marketing, Finlay actively contributes to various blogs and platforms, sharing valuable insights and industry trends. He brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to the table, including proficiency in content writing, WordPress, and social media strategies. Finlay’s journey in the digital realm began with his Level 3 certification in Computer Game Design, where he honed his creative abilities and gained experience in using software like Photoshop for graphic design. He also managed a TikTok account for the course, producing engaging content related to game design. Leveraging his natural affinity for computers, Finlay seamlessly applies his technical expertise to create engaging blogs on digital marketing, web design & SEO. Read Finlay’s digital marketing blogs to discover practical tips, strategies, and stay updated with the ever-evolving landscape.

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